Mason Charles Latham

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Mason Charles Latham was born in Dallas on March 6, 1995 and passed away on April 2, 2011. A life too short, though one filled with passion, curiosity and love.

Mason was a sweet young man recognized by all who knew him for his never ending quest for answers and his love for building his own experiments. Mason had a dear love for and with his three sisters; Brooke, Rachel and Avery. A very special and lasting love. Mason also loved his dog Story like no other dog has ever been loved. His family and friends quickly describe him as easy going, curious, intelligent, gentle and caring. Mason was wise beyond his 16 years and most commented on his ability to discuss topics and issues with adults as if he were their peer. A quick wit, a bright smile and the gift of conversation quickly endeared him to all who spent time with him. For such a short life, he lived every day to its fullest and never looked back. Mason's zest for life was evident in his passion for sports, whether football, snowboarding or skate boarding and his innate physical talents ensured he did them exceptionally. In addition, his loving heart directed him in his kindness toward others and empathy for those who needed a friend.

In lieu of flowers donations are being accepted in Mason Latham's name at ESD - The Lower Campus - to help children in need. Donations can be sent to

Episcopal School of Dallas Lower Campus

4344 Colgate Ave., Dallas, TX 75225

(214) 363-5471

Please make checks payable to ESD Lower Campus, in the memo Attn: Mason C. Latham Fund.