Be urgently strong, constantly living for God

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Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:2-3; 4:1-8

1.  Christians are to be strong, not weak. 

The capacity for strength comes from grace. Soldier analogy Christians have to be strong in tough times and corporately in spiritual battle. Should train youth to be strong in the faith. Christ is with us in the struggle. No respect for wimpy servants. Tough in sense of being able to face problems.

2.  Christians are for all seasons. Charged to be evangelists.

Charged but not alone. God is watching to see how or if we accept the charge, Preach the Word. Be steady, do the work of an evangelist. Be urgent, don’t put things off in favorable or unfavorable times. Be constant. Christ saves sinners. Gospel says death is not defeat but victory. Highest hope of Christians. Speaking and living for God. Invitation to start a new life.

3.  There are some in the Church and out who have itchy ears. Prefer myth to truth.

Jeremiah said prophets prophesy falsely, priest teach their own myths. Societal sin today is greed, out of control desire to be rich. God followers teach truth, they punch holes in myths. Jesus is the antidote to itchy ears. Truth is in our actions and what we proclaim.

4.  Paul is the model of the true Cross follower.  He finishes the race.

The gift of faith is to everyone who lives and loves the fact that Christ appeared. We belong to a great world-wide society that loves God and loves His creations. Called to service and truth.