It's a mistake to think temporal power is better than eternal power.

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Scripture: Luke 2:1-20

1.  There is a huge difference between transient power and eternal power. 

A decree from transient power Caesar Augustus, the most powerful man in the world. At the same time a baby was being born in a manger. Today Caesar is a footnote while baby is called King by millions. Mistake to think temporal power is better than eternal power. Baby wins.

2.  God used shepherds to break the anonymity of the Child to the world.

Parable about how God thinks and calls us. Angel appeared to shepherds, I bring you good news, the Savior is born. Working class people get message first. God gives joyful news of Salvation. God always gives directions to Christ. You don’t have to guess. Christians are map givers while sermons and deeds are map signs. Once you get the directions you have to go. If you don’t you miss the blessing. Angels cheered God!

3.  The crowded inn is a parable for the human soul.

We have finite space in our lifetime. Christ appears with a special call and there are no vacancies. We need to examine our rooms: family, job, charities, or pleasures. Good thing to save a guest room for God. Be ready when a special request comes.

4.  After ecstasy with God you have to go back home -- different.

Standing outside you get a different view of God and self  Sing great hymns, ecstatic events of worship at Church, but you have to go back to work on Monday. Shepherds went back to the fields.