Dallas Chiropractic Care for Athletes, Weekend Warriors & Families

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Chiropractor Dr. Cristina Robinson, D.C., specializes in whole health care needs at her Robinson Family Chiropractic Clinic in Dallas.

Dr. Cris (as her patients fondly call her) is passionate about whole health for the whole family, and as a chiropractor, she is uniquely positioned to provide a complete holistic approach to her patients.

Dr. Cris began her career in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology. She loved working with athletes of all levels and found the challenge of solving a problem of an injury exciting. Most athletic injuries can be resolved with rest, ice, balancing the length and strength of muscles and tendons, and consistent chiropractic care and nutrition. She has assisted professional athletes go on to win major championships. The weekend warrior is just as important to her and receives the same benefits to perform at their highest level and have fun doing it!

Her focus on chiropractic care is a specialty Dr. Cris believes to be the answer to a lot of questions for many people. It allows the nervous system to optimally function, and bring the body back to a state of health. Whoever said "the power that made the body, heals the body" was absolutely right. Dr. Cris listens to the information given to her and uses it for the patient's highest good. Then the rest happens and healing takes place. Whether 1 day old or 101 years old, she feels she can assist all bodies to function at a higher level. As Dr. Cris proclaims: Indeed, "the power that made the body does heal the body."

Please contact Dr. Cristina Robinson for your whole heath care needs!

Dr. Cris specializes in the following health care needs:

General Chiropractic Care (injury, illness, maintenance)
Pediatric Chiropractic Care
Pregnancy Chiropractic Care
Nutrition Consultations
Applied Kinesiology
Exercise Physiology
Emotional Counseling
Whole Health Consultations
Non Surgical Solutions for Low Back Pain

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