Expungement / Expunction / Criminal Defense Attorney Paul Quinzi

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Criminal Defense Attorney Paul Quinzi practices Innocence Defense

Hi. I'm Paul Quinzi, and I'm a criminal defense attorney in Austin, Texas. 
I practice what I call Innocence Defense, meaning that I defend the right of my clients to be presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.
Expunction is the process by which a person's records of their arrest are sealed or destroyed after they've been found not guilty at trial or after their case was dismissed. Expunged records are also deleted from private background check companies, so that you won't have to explain the worst day of your life to an employer, a landlord, or a nosy neighbor.
Nondisclosure is a bit different. Nondisclosure has the effect of sealing a record as opposed to destroying it. When a judge seals a case through nondisclosure, law enforcement and certain state agencies will still have access to it, but the general public will not. This also has the effect of sealing the information from background check companies.
Expunction and nondisclosure are very technical processes, and it's absolutely essential that everything be done correctly and thoroughly. I have over 10 years of experience practicing criminal law, and I will make sure to do everything possible to clear your good name. 
My practice is based on a personal relationship between me and my clients. When you call me, you're going to talk to me. I'm going to know who you are, what's going on with your case, and how best I can help you. My job is to protect people's rights, not to make judgments about how they live their lives or get into bad situations. When you've been accused of a crime, you need someone on your side, and while I can't promise you what the outcome will be, I do promise that I will do all the work it takes and take as long as it takes to get you the best one. 
So, if your case was dismissed or you were found not guilty, then you are not a criminal. So, don't get treated like one. Give me a call or check out my website, and I will do everything possible to clear your good name.