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Personal Injury Lawyer Shane Mullen, Managing Partner 

Attorney Shane Mullen is the managing partner at Mullen and Mullen law firm, and is a second generation personal injury lawyer. He shares a lot of pride in our Dallas personal injury lawyers, which is a family business, and enjoys helping Dallas and Fort Worth injury victims from car accidents, motorcycle accidents and 18-Wheeler trucking accidents to premises liability accidents such as slip and fall accident, falling objects and general unsafe premises.

Personal Injury Lawyers Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas: 

The Law Offices of Regis Mullen & Shane Mullen, Inc. has been in Dallas for 30 years in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metropolitan area, and services Texans across the state. "When you hire my law firm, when you hire me, I'm going to make sure to put your interests above my own", says Mr. Mullen. "I know that sounds cliche, but that's exactly what I do."
One thing that Mullen and Mullen has learned along the way is to develop the case. "I'm going to develop it on the front-end, I'm going to hire my experts, I'm going to coordinate with the client, to investigate real well, going to do all the work on the front-end, and put together one heck of a good settlement demand package..."

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As a client, Mr. Mullen will position you, the client, where your odds of settling, without going through a year and a half of litigation, for the maximum dollars with the lowest attorney fees. Attorney Shane Mullen is talking about juries a lot, and that doesn't mean that every case goes to trial, in fact most of them are going to settle, but that's because you are prepared for trial. "I've handled social security disability cases, and private contractual disability cases, been to the administrative law courts in front of the federal judges...many times."
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"I believe that makes me a better personal injury attorney, because it helps me to develop an area of damages that you can make in most personal injury claims, regardless of how you're injured...if you can prove up, you can collect damages for physical impairment."
Why Mullen & Mullen Personal Injury & Car Accident Law Firm?
If we determine that you have a case, and also that you need an attorney (which are two separate things...), then the Law Offices of Regis Mullen & Shane Mullen, Inc. is going to work diligently to develop your case...not just gather all your records and forward them on to your insurance company.
You can trust Mullen and Mullen because we're going to handle every case the way we would want our lawyer to handle our case if we were the client.
It's the goal of Attorney Shane Mullen to make going through the legal process or even having to deal with attorneys to go as smooth as it can for you, and for you to be able to leave the process saying, "You know, that wasn't too bad!"
When you hire an attorney, they work for hired them, and you're the boss! So make sure the attorney takes that approach and we appreciate your business.