Jeff Short Jobsite Safety Foundation Educational Video

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Stop and it worth it?

Jeff Short Jobsite Safety Foundation Inc. is a small organization in the electrical apparatus and equipment companies industry located in Fort Worth, TX. 

Founded by Whitney Short, one of the bravest women you'll ever meet.

Her story about Jeff, is a moving tribute for a man, a husband, a father, and an electrical engineer... in fact, whose nickname at work was Mr. Safety! 

"I've been a public/motivational speaker for 2 years. I lost my husband due to an on-the-job accident so my passion for safety is very deep. I speak on the importance of safety from the view point of the people left behind when there's an accident. We, also, have a safety video that we've shipped all over the country."

From Whitney herself, family members and guys who worked directly with Jeff, this is a story of love and encouragement to guys just like Jeff that cutting corners on safety when it comes to everyday work which is so easy to forget its dangerous realities, that it's just not worth it.