Solid Green Systems

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My name is David Carolan.

I'm the CEO and founder of the Solid Green Companies here in Austin, Texas. We are innovators in the building materials phase. We have invented and patented a wall and roof panel system that's made of EPS foam and light gauge steel. We also created an assembly process that allows you to quickly assemble the products on the building site to create the shell of the building.

That building is extremely energy-efficient and creates the opportunity to go all the way to a net zero building. Because we’re preconfigured to receive alternative energy and because the buildings are already energy-efficient, we can get you to net zero with a lot less cost than you might think. Alternative energy includes things like solar and wind that are already available in the marketplace.

The types of projects that we've done include single-family homes, first-time homebuyers, estate homes, multi-family and light commercial, including an apartment complex in South Texas. The STS construction method was clearly highly energy-efficient. We believe even with air conditioners running nearly 24/7 in South Texas that our electricity bills are running 50% to 70% below what they would under a conventional construction methods and installation methods.

That type of project is an example of how we can save you 50% or more on your energy costs, cut your construction time and cost and get the project that you’d like completed as an architect, builder or developer.

Our green mission is to save energy and be good to the environment. The way we do that is make our products close to the jobsite because there’re lower transportation costs, cut energy costs with our products as they’re installed and use the material that's recycled and recyclable.

With the proven patented building system and track record since 2009, we are way ahead of the curve. For us the future holds new innovations in products and systems, expansion into other markets and partnering with industry leaders all across North America.

If you're a builder, an architect or developer and want to find out more about Solid Green Systems, visit our website at


We manufacture a patented residential and commercial exterior wall and roof system made of EPS foam and light gauge steel. The Solid Green Panel system provides a cost competitive structural and thermal envelope that is easily integrated with off-the-shelf mechanical systems to create attractive, high efficiency buildings.