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The single most important book you'll publish is the Book of Your Business

Andy Gole, founder of Urgency Based Selling®

Selling is conversations and there are two kinds of conversations, safe and serious.......

In a safe conversation you're never going to get a stick of business. The prospect is in that conversation for a different reason than you are...

The biggest reason salespeople fail is the inability to transcend the gulf between social and business values....social values teach us that best efforts are okay...

...if you use your best efforts, you will fail a hundred percent of the time.

…The owner of a business cannot work on a best efforts basis. It's do or die. The sales team also has to be on a do-or-die basis.

Salespeople are missing one critical skill...project management.

Jim Polley 

…We hire differently. We operate differently and there's a high level of enthusiasm to continue to grow our business.

Andy Gole

There are many important books that have been written about the secrets of selling but they pale in comparison to the single most important book...the book of your business...What you do, the compelling reason why someone should be in a conversation with you and the proof...why should they believe anything you say.

Marc Parette

Over the last three years we're up 50% year over year in sales...

Andy Gole

Your sales heroes are in harms' way everyday. When you publish your selling book, you provide them with the essential body armor to protect them in all the battles that lie ahead. 


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