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  • 23 tips for smart business video

    Does your business have video yet? 

    1. Life has become FAST and BUSY
    2. People are more WEB SAVVY on the INTERNET
    3. BUSINESS VIDEO is where YOUR CUSTOMERS are spending time
    4. VIDEO MARKETING is the latest trend
    5. VIDEO MARKETING is getting bigger and bigger
    6. ONE minute of VIDEO is WORTH more than 1,000 WORDS
    7. Chances of PAGE 1 LISTINGS on GOOGLE increases 53 times with video
    8. On average VISITORS STAY 2 MINUTES LONGER when they watch video
    9. By 2017 VIDEO WILL BE 90% of all Internet traffic
    10. 93% of online marketers USE VIDEOS
    11. 65% visit a website AFTER VIEWING VIDEO and make purchasing decisions
    12. Over 1 BILLION unique users visit YOUTUBE every month
    13. 87% of social media users FOLLOW Brand Videos
    14. Posts with video links WILL ATTRACT 5X MORE VISITORS
    15. Online Videos are 100% MORE socially engaging
    16. Video marketing gets you
    17. If you're not producing ONLINE VIDEO for your brand, START NOW
    18. Consumers are WATCHING THEM
    19. Consumers are FOLLOWING THEM and making PURCHASE DECISIONS based on them
    20. If your business does not HAVE VIDEO you are BEHIND THE COMPETITION
    21. WE ARE EXPERTS in creating online videos
    22. VIDEO can help you get more OUT OF YOUR WEBSITE
    23. CLICK NOW and change your business forever...


    See the Infographic: Why you need Smart Business Video to present yourself.

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  • Anatomy of Communication with VIDEO

    For impact and influence, get the eyes, the head, and the heart.  

    Hi, Vince Poscente here talking about instant impact and lasting influence.

    Anatomy of Communication

    If you are going to do well on video communicating to people, really quite frankly communicating in any kind of environment, there’s 3 body parts you need to be aware of.

    I call this the anatomy of communication.



    Eyes in the Anatomy of Communication

    First is the eyes. 

    You know, being able to have the anatomy of good messaging means you want them to see that they’re seeing something different, that they’re going “Wow, this is different!“


    Head in the Anatomy of CommunicationThe second body part is the head. 

    Get inside their head where they go “No, I hadn’t thought of it that way.”

    You want to do that? 


    Give messaging that is either innovate or counterintuitive, where they go “What?  Wow, I didn’t think of it that way.”


    Eyes, Head & Heart are the anatomy of Communications

     The third body part is the heart.

     Have them connect to you as a person.

    It’s real simple: just be yourself.

    If you’re authentic…you don’t do authentic, you be authentic.

    Just be yourself.

    If you mess up, that’s fine. You’re being real.


    If you have the eyes, the head, and the heart, you’ll have impact and influence.


    I’m Vince Poscente talking about instant impact and lasting influence.



    engaging:VIDEO series  Notes to present yourself 

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  • Using video to market your business (part 2)

    Streamline Your Marketing with Video (part 2)

    Looking for Part I?

    Ron Books: Obviously, at ECi we have watched the expansion of our customers online presence. So a lot of customers now, the end consumers, are ordering their products via e-commerce. Is that becoming an extension of their e-commerce?

    Ross R. Mason: It really is, and as much as is practical, we are finding that for mainstream businesses, several things are really important when they are considering video. It should be high quality, the research indicates that professional video is going to pull better than something shot with an iPhone or shot very quickly. On the other hand it needs to be based on information that you know your customers are asking about. Not so much what you want to sell to them. So some thoughts, some strategy is helpful to go through. In our business we've put together a program called Video proFile and it's allowing a lot of our customers who are professionals to essentially take session times rather than having to cover the entire cost of the video production day.

    And that is allowing us to offer turnkey video solutions that are three to five minutes long for a pretty affordable price without sacrificing that high quality. And the backside of it is that when it comes to distribution we are finding that it's helpful to provide a very streamlined approach where our customers get video that they can easily put on their website, but it's also loaded to all the video sharing sites. And that will help a great deal with search.

    As you and I have talked before, size of customer doesn't matter anymore because the end consumer wants video, so it becomes affordable; smaller, larger customers, any type of customer.

    Every business needs to be thinking about online video the way they thought about having a website a decade ago. I would encourage everybody to search for their competitors and search for other types of products or services that they provide and see what's out there when it comes to video.

    So lastly, a customer gets it, they understand they need to have a video presence. How do they get started or what would they do to sort of introduce that into their company? Is it just reaching out to you and setting up some sort of idea, where does that come from next?

    Well, typically they will think tactically. It has been our experience, they want a video and so a lot of the time we are helping them think about what's the strategy, how am I different, where are those important points. In the end how we produce it, how we capture it, we have streamlined it and we are planning to have that capability at your ECi Connect Conference. So some of the customers will be able to see how that is done affordably.

    So the important thing to think about is what really distinguishes you and your market place and how do you want to communicate that message.

    I can tell you and really tell the customer base, video has been a very important part of our business. We now track and you have the ability to track your click throughs, you could see what videos and what sessions have been productive, how many people or how many of your customers are looking at that video, and it's been really important to our business over the last few years, and we only see that expanding. So, please just make sure you are considering this as part of your business. We say this on a regular basis, it's about what the end consumer wants and the end consumer is demanding this type of medium.

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