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bankruptcy avoidance

  • Business Law Attorney expert in transactions & disputes

    Dallas Business Law Attorney for transactions, disputes & bankruptcy


    Hi, I’m Russ Lambert, I’m an attorney in the state of Texas and I enjoy helping my clients navigate complex business transactions, such as contracts, sale and purchase transactions (acquisition), creditor disputes, and bankruptcy avoidance.


    What makes me uniquely effective for my clients is I didn’t start out in Law, I started out in business, and I worked my way up to CEO running a $100 million company, then went back to law school.


    And, in addition to my financial & accounting background, passing the CPA Exam which gave me a strong financial background, I know what it’s like to run a company and to have to tackle the challenges of running a company, and THAT makes me a better lawyer.  


    Experienced businessman, CEO

    Strong financial background






    My approach in working with clients is first to listen.  


    There are many moving parts in most complex transactions, and the worst thing you can do is jump to conclusions and focus on one. I like to take them all in, analyze the business issues, and then determine the strategy.